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Solo Lines: Addiction

by Craig CarrNovember 12, 2008

Addiction Confession time, Autocrossers, confession time:  I am a Type 1 junkie.  Type 1 turns, that is. Recall from the last Solo Line that a type 1 turn is a turn leading onto a straight.  It requires a late apex, usually about two-thirds around the arc of the turn.  If I set the turn up […]

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Solo Lines: Location, Location, Location

by Craig CarrOctober 14, 2008

Autocrossers, this article is about picking your racing “line,” the path you are going to try to follow around the course.  Some courses offer few choices of line; but if you go to a National Championship, National Tour, or Pro Solo, or if your local course designers try to give you comparable challenges, you are […]

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Solo Lines: Carnal Knowledge

by Craig CarrSeptember 9, 2008

Carnal Knowledge Autocrossers, has anyone else ever had this happen?  I’m out storming through the course.  I come out of a turn and suddenly…suddenly… nothing looks familiar!  Where am I?  Where does the course go?  What’s next?  OMIGOD! Well, it has happened to me…more than once…at National Championship events!  I had to slow down and […]

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Solo Lines: On the Threshold

by Craig CarrAugust 6, 2008

On the Threshold Autocrosser Alert! Here’s that Solo Line guy again.  Read on at the peril of being exposed as a “Masher” or “Stomper.” Last article I talked about slowing down to go fast.  Now I feel a need to talk about a fast way to slow down. Are there slow ways to slow down?  […]

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Solo Lines: Revelation

by Craig CarrJuly 6, 2008

Starting this month we will be running a series of articles that are of interest to any autocrosser. Craig Carr is a long-time autocrosser who along with his wife Gloria have earned multiple National Championships in their gorgeous ASP Lotus Elan. While Gloria has entered semi-retirement she is still a tireless cheerleader for not only […]

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