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Mike Hearne 2008 C Street Prepared Solo DFL

by Mike HearneApril 21, 2009
Mike Hearne

We have spent a lot of time profiling the National Champions from both the 2008 Solo National Championship and 2008 Pro Solo Championship. While we think everyone finds these glimpses into the life and mind of the Champions useful and sometimes entertaining there are many more people who make up the sport of Solo. As […]

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A Rogues-Racing Project Car: G Prepared Honda CRX

by Scott HearneMarch 26, 2009

This article kicks off part one of an on-going series on the conversion process of my C Street Prepared Honda CRX to a G Prepared CRX. The rule changes that are coming for G Prepared now makes my car eligible with limited engine prep, so it makes sense to go down that path. It will […]

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Brian Peters 2008 C Street Prepared Solo National Champion

by Scott HearneMarch 23, 2009

Not usually considered to be a hot bed of autocrossing Arizona is the home of 2008 C Street Prepared National Champion Brian Peters. In a class that has seen the Mazda Miata emerge as the car of choice Brian drove a third generation 2006 Mazda MX-5 (Miata) on Hoosier tires to his Championship win. Proving […]

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Scott Fraser 2008 C Street Prepared Pro Solo Champion

by Scott HearneMarch 10, 2009

As someone who is relatively new to the ‘National Scene’ Scott Fraser has worked hard. With the help of friends and his own personal drive he rose to the top in 2008 winning the C Street Prepared ProSolo Championship using a well prepared Miata owned by Tom Kubo on Hoosier tires. Scott is another in […]

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