The F Mod Experience

by Paul MageeJune 9, 2009
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It appears there’s a theme of change amongst the editors of We have all collectively changed what classes we are competing in this year. As Scott is covering in his own series, he has taken the CRX that he and Mike co-drive from CSP to GP. I have chosen a slightly different route. For […]

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Jeff Kiesel 2008 E Modified Solo & M1 Pro Solo National Champion

by Scott HearneJune 4, 2009
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As an individual who is adept at thinking outside the box Jeff Kiesel has one again shown with a little imagination and a lot of hard work in a class that doesn’t have a lot of restrictions he can rise above the rest. He put the smack down again on E Modified in 2008 to […]

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Merideth Brown 2008 E Stock Ladies Solo Champion

by Scott HearneJune 2, 2009
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In a class that has inarguably been the providence of the Toyota MR2 for that past few years Meredith Brown has once again proved that she has the measure of her competitors by adding another jacket to her closet. As a member of the Sports Car Club del Valley Rio Grande (a chapter of the […]

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Kevin Wenzel 2008 F Street Prepared National Champion

by Scott HearneMay 28, 2009
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In a car that puts down power from an end of the car that he is not the most familiar and one that is also not commonly perceived to be competitive, the 2008 F Street Prepared National Champion Kevin Wenzel showed that he still has the moxie to compete at the highest level. Moving away […]

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Eric Leichtel 2008 FSAE Solo Champion

by Scott HearneMay 26, 2009
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watch?v=mCb-d1kSgjcStill run as a Supplementary class Formula SAE has nevertheless shown an increase in participation. Heavily promoted by Professor Bob Woods of the University of Texas, Arlington the class is poised to become a fixture of the SCCA. With a second consecutive Championship Hailing from Texas Region SCCA driving the UTA FSAE car on Hoosier […]

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Assorted Nuts From Rocket J. Squirrel

by Rocky EntrikenMay 12, 2009
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After the nomadic years of the 1970s, the SCCA Solo Nationals finally settled – for the most part – on a home in Kansas, where it would remain for 28 of the next 29 years. Kansas City Region bid for the 1980 event and returned it to what then was known as Airport Park in […]

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Those Crazy Canadians!

by Scott HearneApril 29, 2009
CC Lead

2008 saw a not-insignificant invasion of the United States from the Great White North. Specifically, from the Canadian Province of Manitoba. While there have been a few Canadian citizens (primarily from the eastern provinces) that have attended the Solo National Championship in the past, the members of the Winnipeg Sports Car Club stepped up and […]

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Mike Hearne 2008 C Street Prepared Solo DFL

by Mike HearneApril 21, 2009
Mike Hearne

We have spent a lot of time profiling the National Champions from both the 2008 Solo National Championship and 2008 Pro Solo Championship. While we think everyone finds these glimpses into the life and mind of the Champions useful and sometimes entertaining there are many more people who make up the sport of Solo. As […]

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Solo Stats: Most Championships by Region

by Rocky EntrikenApril 20, 2009
Rocky Squirrel

Continuing on with our series on Solo Stats our next installment covers the Most Championships by Region. We want to thank Rocky Entriken for making it possible for us to publish these.

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