Jeff Kiesel 2008 E Modified Solo & M1 Pro Solo National Champion

by Scott Hearne on June 4, 2009

As an individual who is adept at thinking outside the box Jeff Kiesel has one again shown with a little imagination and a lot of hard work in a class that doesn’t have a lot of restrictions he can rise above the rest. He put the smack down again on E Modified in 2008 to claim his second jacket in an exceedingly well turned out 1958 Austin Healy Bugeye Spite using turbocharged Mazda rotary power on Goodyear tires. Jeff is a member of the San Diego Region SCCA.

RR: Is this your first attendance at Nationals?
JK: No, I have attended Nationals since 2004.

RR: Is this your first National Championship?
JK: No. I have won two previous Solo Championships in 2006 driving my Mazda RX-7 in B Prepared and in 2007 I won E Modified driving the same Sprite I won with in 2008. I also have won two consecutive Pro Solo Championships in the Sprite.

RR: What was your favorite memory of the competition?
JK: In 2006 my wife won her first jacket, two run groups before me.

RR: What do you think was your key to success?
JK: Picking the right car, good set up, great family support and great talent in Solo to push me hard.

RR: Who has most influenced you?
JK: My Dad, he autocrossed when I was a kid and dominated in our San Diego region through 1985.  He got me interested in the sport and races with me now.

RR: Who inspires you?
JK: My Dad and my Wife and Kids; Gary Thomason and Andy McKee.

RR: Do you have any special pre-race routine, or any superstitions you follow?
JK: No.

RR: Do you have any driving aids or tools you use to help you?
JK: No.

RR: What do you think you do differently than your competition?
JK: Not sure.

RR: Have you attended any driving school?
JK: No.

RR: Describe your driving style.
JK: Aggressive but smooth.

RR: What was your first –and favorite autocross car?
JK: 1993 Mazda RX-7.

RR: If you could change one Solo rule – either for your specific class or in general — what would it be?
JK: I would go back to the 2005 rules for EM, 1500 pounds without driver and no weight penalty for larger motors.  At the old rule with me in the car I would weigh 1655 min.  At nationals this year and last I had to weigh in at 1855 with me in the car.

RR: Who would you like to thank for your success?
JK: My Dad for getting me interested in this great sport and passing down some of his abilities to me, also for his advise help and co driving the past two years.  My wife for putting up with the busy race schedule, many hours in the garage and racing the car with me.  Goodyear Racing Tire, Bogart Racing Wheels, Ankeny Racing Enterprises, Maier Racing, Danzio Performance, Racing Beat, and

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